Time for Reflection

For the 2nd time in a nearly a year we have all experienced some form of lockdown as a result of the life changing global Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and for golfers this has introduced lengthy closures of golf courses.

In the overall scheme of things this should be a minor irritant but try telling that to a bunch of golfers just itching to play golf again.

Perhaps this should be a time for all golfers to reflect on just why they play the beautiful game of golf.

Most of us moved here to Spain to ENJOY playing good golf, ENJOY playing in the sun, ENJOY playing with good friends, ENJOY playing good golf courses, ENJOY playing affordable golf and to ENJOY the apres golf.

In reality what i have increasingly seen are local golfers COMPLAINING about their golf, COMPLAINING about the courses, COMPLAINING about their playing partners, COMPLAINING about the society with whom they play, COMPLAINING about other golfers, COMPLAINING about handicaps, COMPLAINING about how long it takes to play and COMPLAINING about the golf and bar prices.

Sorry but it doesn’t look good when you see it in black and white.

While you have all been stuck at home wondering what to do with yourself of fed up of decorating or gardening why don’t you take the opportunity to take a good look at just why you play golf in the first place.

The answer is simple stop COMPLAINING and look for the reasons for you to start ENJOYING your golf again when you get the opportunity.

Remember that there are many golfers now the wrong side of the grass who would just love to have the golfing opportunities available to you.

Let us all hope that the meeting held last week between the Costa Blanca Golf Association and the Valencian Government Minister for Health and that golf courses will re-open as from the 2nd March 2021 but let us all make a fresh start.