Covid-19 Golfing Further Update

In the last few weeks our articles have concentrated on the impact of the increasing levels of corona virus infections locally and the impact on the golf industry here in Spain.

Now this is just a small piece of a very serious situation that impacts of the health and financial well-being of people across Spain and the whole world.

The Valencian Government have now issued rules closing bars, restaurants and sports facilities until 01/03/21 and all of us living under some form of restrictions, curfew or perimeter travel restrictions.

Last week I had a conversation with the Chairman of the Costa Blanca Golf Association who has been making TV and Radio interviews plus raising a petition for golf courses to open as an exception because it is played in the open air, played in no more than groups of 4 persons who have to socially distance to avoid being hit by a golf ball and in this sport was the first to self-manage the pandemic with their own Covid-19 safety protocol.

However in his own words “We are making lots of noise BUT no-one is listening”.

The frustration is that in the Murcian Community they have had more severe restrictions with 29 municipality perimeter closures for nearly 2 month’s yet the golf courses have remained open although golfers from the Valencian Community are not allowed to cross the border.

Infection rates in Murcia are now dropping and the courses are still open so golf is not a source of infection.

Just a thought that thousands of golfers in the Valencian community are having to occupy their time in other ways while the courses are closed and this invariably involves visiting large commercial shopping centres attended many other people and which do you think is the more dangerous place to be to catch an infection?

Please also remember that a golf course is not like a shop where you turn off the lights and lock the door because courses still need to be maintained and watered with the costs of that still being absorbed but with no income.

None of this makes sense but there is nothing we can do except hope that the 2nd of March 2021 is when we will see the golf courses re-open.