Golf Courses to Re-Open

All of our recent articles since the middle of January 2021 have concentrated on the closure of all golf courses in the Valencian Community as a result of measures to control the spread of the Covid-19 Corona Virus.

This has been a difficult time for the local golf industry because golf courses are not like shops you don’t simply close the doors and turn off the lights because the golf course still require watering and maintaining and the golf industry here directly and indirectly employs some 7500 people and financially it contributes hundreds of millions of euro’s to the Spanish economy.

Well it looks like all the hard work lobbying by the Costa Blanca Golf Association has paid off because it has been confirmed by the Valencian Government that all the golf courses in the Valencian Community can re-open to the public from the 1st March 2021.

This great news is just what local golfers have been waiting for but just be careful where you try to play because some courses are re-opening on the 1st March and others on the 2nd of March 2021 and remember that the border between the Murcian and Valencian Communities remains closed.

One of the things in favour of golf courses being allowed to re-open is that the industry already has a Covid-19 safety protocol so just remember this when you start to play again because no hugs and kisses, no touching flags, no rakes in bunkers, etc will still be with us for our safety for some time to come and the slow rate of vaccinations in Spain means that the Covid-19 virus will still be with us for some time to come yet BUT for now just enjoy your golf.