Golf Courses – Covid-19 Safety Protocol

All of our recent articles since the middle of January 2021 have concentrated on the closure of all golf courses in the Valencian Community as a result of measures to control the spread of the Covid-19 Corona Virus.

All the hard work lobbying by the Costa Blanca Golf Association paid off because the Valencian Government allowed golf courses in the Valencian Community to re-open to the public from the 1st March 2021.

This great news for local golfers but we are not yet out of the woods yet with the pandemic and the extremely slow progress with the vaccination programme means that we are all still vulnerable to the virus until later in the Summer so we all need to be careful.

Golf courses operate under a Covid-19 Safety Protocol and so in very general terms this means:

  • Masks to be worn in all communal area’s
  • Masks should be worn in shared buggie’s
  • Buggies sanitised after each round.
  • No hugs and kisses
  • No touching flags
  • Holes fitted with stops to prevent ball falling to bottom of hole
  • No rakes in bunkers
  • No ball cleaners in operation
  • Maintain 2 metre safe distance to other’s
  • No cleaning golf equipment at the clubhouse.

Some golf courses are now even stating that masks must be worn at all times when playing the game.

The best way forward is to follow whatever rules are in place at the course that you are playing but as a minimum act in a way that keeps you and your playing partners safe.