Golf and the Corona Virus Update

In the last few weeks our articles have concentrated on the impact of the increasing levels of corona virus infections locally and the impact on the golf industry here in Spain.

Now this is just a small piece of a very serious situation that impacts of the health and financial well-being of people across Spain and the whole world.

Unfortunately the infection rates continue to rise and the Valencian Community is now one of the worst impacted areas of Spain and add to this the very slow roll out of the vaccines across Europe and the unsavoury attack on the UK for once taking the lead with vaccination programmes and you can clearly see we are still in one hell of a mess.

Spain has vaccinated less than 2 million people while the UK are fast approaching 8 million but we are approaching the end of the flu and virus season and the summer months and high temperatures fast approach and the virus doesn’t like high temperatures so some hope for the near future BUT not just yet.

The Valencian Government had previously issued rules closing bars, restaurants and sports facilities until 03/02/21 but over the weekend changed these rules extending the closure period until at least the 15/02/21 and all of us living under some form of restrictions, curfew or perimeter travel restrictions.

Let us all hope that things will gradually improve into the spring months but sorry to say that for now golfers have to put away their clubs and get out the paint brushes or gardening implements.

There are absolutely no positives to be taken in the current situation and to think that we thought 2020 was bad enough.