What Next for the Local Golf Courses

You only have to watch TV or read a newspaper to see that since the end of August the rates of covid-19 have increased dramatically across all the countries in Europe as people spend more time together indoors rather than outside in the fresh air.

The travel restrictions and 14 day quarantine rules were applied for any country exceeding 20 infections per 100,000 inhabitants and figures now in many countries are approaching 10 times that figure and even the UK who set the figure now exceeds the figure they set for other countries.

Unless there is a dramatic change in circumstances or other countries open air bridges on a more regional rather than country wide basis there will be no tourists for many months to come and it is highly likely that some elements of the golfing industry along with hotels and bars ,etc will simply no longer exist.

Most local golf courses had already written off October and November for tourists, relying heavily on existing members and golf societies BUT  with the latest news reports this could now last into at least Spring 2021 and with all due respect which industry can last that long without financial income?

I am sure that the local courses will do what they have to with many extending late Summer and Autumn deals until the end of 2020 BUT will that be enough to temp a dwindling number of golfers?

I guess that only time will tell and i am sure the next few months will be difficult for everyone involved and I doubt that the local golfing industry will be the same again but lets all hope we are all here healthy and safe if a little poorer for the experience.