Putting Technique

All golfers will understand what I mean when I say that putting is a game within a game and we all have good days and very bad days with the putting wand in our hands.

So is there anything that we can do to make us better putters other than practice for endless hours and just get frustrated because we are in-graining bad habits?

Phil Mikkelsen is one of the best players over the last 20 years and considered by many to have the best short game of them all and he has studied all of the best putters over the years to see if they have anything in common and has ‘discovered’ TWO key features to being a good putter, namely:

  1. Carry the hands high at address because this prevents the hands moving to the inside or outside on the take away and therefore the face of the putter opening or closing too much then needing correction on the path back to the ball.
  2. Feel that on the takeaway this is lead by the heel of the club rather than the toe of the club which again helps to keep the club on a good path away from the ball and prevents the club face from opening too much.

So there you are and if you struggle with consistency with the putter on a regular basis then why not give this a try.

What is the worst that can happen?