Corvera Golf & Country Club – Update

Over the last few years we have seen the closure of both Mosa Trajectum and La Tercia as a result of wáter and financial issues. Many golf developments are based around urbanisations where the waste wáter is taken, treated and then used to wáter the golf courses. Unfortunately a number of the remote urbanisations have suffered from under population with the resultant lack of generation of waste wáter, resulting the courses needing to spend vast sums of money on wáter (circa €250K per annum) to keep the courses ‘alive’ but with a serious financial impact. Unfortunately it now looks like the Corvera resort could be the latest to suffer this fate because the course condition is now very poor and due to a lack of wáter and adequate finances the greens have not been watered for 12 days and in these high summer temperatures the greens will die very quickly. In addition to this the course manager has departed his job and the course has some financial embargo’s imposed upon them by the Spanish tax office. Although i hope a solution can be found quickly it look very much like Corvera will become the next in the line of courses to close in the Murcian región. Clearly with delayed plans to the international airport at Corvera and the delays in opening the theme park locally has radically changed the need for a local golf course and so perhaps poor timing rather than other elements have resulted in the current situation. I will of course keep you informed of any changes in the circumstances but the future looks bleak at this moment in time.