Confident Swing

Confident Swing

Now you have paid a fistful of dollars (Euro’s) for golf lessons, bought all the latest books and DVD’s and even reduced yourself to reading articles like this……so why would you not have a confident swing?

The reason is almost certainly that you are taking the wrong strategy onto the golf course.

You must remember at all times that you must only ever attempt golf shots that you KNOW you are capable of achieving not the shot that you THINK you are capable of playing.

In the USA mind coach Bob Rotella calls this a ‘conservative strategy’ to give you a ‘cocky’ swing.

Just how does this work in reality?

Well because you are playing a shot that you know that you can play you perform the shot in a more positive and aggressive manner with a high degree of TRUST in yourself and the result of the shot.

So what is the alternative?

The opposite approach is the bold strategy and a tentative swing, which would have you attempting shots, which you can’t hit.

The outcome?

This leads to tentative swings, full of doubt and tentative swings lead to bad shots and a bad execution of bold shots results in high scores, frustration and finally lack of confidence in your swing.

The circle is now almost complete because you will then feel the need to return to your golf coach for further lessons because your swing feels so bad.

Now there are plenty of golf coaches out there who will continue to take your money in exchange for the same regurgitated instructions but why put yourself through this when you already have the answer within yourself.