The Pursuit of Distance

If you ask golfers of every age and standard what improvement they would like from golf and invariably they will say “to hit the ball further” BUT there are many misconceptions about golf and how far the best players hit the golf ball.

Just to help clarify this below are some statistics for various ages and standard of golfers:

Driving Distance (male)

40-50 years of age 220 yards

50-60 years of age 211 yards

60+ years of age 196 yards

Average of all golfers 219 yards

PGA tour Average 287 yards


Golf Ball Speed

Male 5 handicap 147 mph

Male average 133 mph

Female 5 handicap 125  mph

Female average 111mph

PGA tour average 167mph

Bryson DeChambeau is targeting 215 mph


Club Head Speed

Male average 93.4 mph

PGA tour average 113 mph

PGA tour best 128 mph

Bryson DeChambeau is targeting 145 mph

From the above the amateur golfers reading this article should see that they are probably hitting the ball the distance that they should be for their age and ability and should stop comparing themselves to tournament professionals.

Secondly there is a caveat for even the best golfers in the world chasing those extra yards with a driver because history is littered with very talented and successful golfers whose careers have stalled or gone backwards due to making changes to their swing to gain extra distance (Ian Baker-Finch, Padraig Harrington, Luke Donald, Jordan Speith and now even Rory Mcilroy fall into this category).

Sometimes you have just got to be satisfied with what you have got rather than chase the holy grail.