Formula for Success

So you have read the books, bought the videos and even from time to time read these golf articles and you are still looking for the miracle cure or secret.

You will know by now, I hope, that this golfing Holy Grail does not exist.

We are different people who think and perform in different ways under different circumstances.

Do you note how often the word different appeared in the last sentence?

That is the crux of the matter we are all different and that is why you must find your own formula for success, don’t copy or mirror someone else.

By all means take advices from the right people, absorb useful information and test out different theories but keep in mind that that whatever you do must fit your golf game and personality.

In the 1950’s Ben Hogan released in Life Magazine ‘THE SECRET’ after spending endless hours seeking perfection ‘out of the dirt’ by practising for hours on end.

He was the ultimate perfectionist and hard worker and it was stated that he disliked playing 36 holes on the same day on the same course because of the risk of his shots finishing in the same divot hole from where he played in the first round.

The history books state how good a golfer he actually was and although he is unlikely to have worked with a golf psychologist, he clearly has what the experts call a ’trained brain’

Late in his golfing career he made known some of his key thoughts when playing and these are still valid today and can be summarised as follows:

Love the Challenge

Enjoy playing and practising and feel happy and privileged to be playing the wonderful game of golf and always look forward to you next round.

Accept your Mistakes

Remember that we are human and we make mistakes because no one can be on the top of their form at all times.

Learn from Experiences

Keep a diary of both your practise sessions and actual games of how you performed and what you were working on to become more consistent.

Have a Single Minded Attention

Today this would be called focus or visualisation because you must have a clear intention on each shot and what you want to do with the ball.

Underpinning all of these thoughts is an internal desire to be competitive and to perform to the best of your capabilities.

So in conclusion stop looking for something that does not exist and instead by taking into consideration all the golfing information and theories thrust in your direction, just find what works for you.