Do some golf holes have two greens?

The Zozo Championships were previously held in Japan and rather uniquely some of the holes have two greens and in the pre-tournament skins game it was left to the player to decide which green they played to.

This is apparently a common occurrence on Japanese courses because their summers are hot and humid and their winters cold so they would have Bermuda grass for the winter greens and Bent grass for the summer greens therefore allowing almost all year round uninterrupted golf.

If you think about it there are a number of good reasons to have double the greens in that there is only half of the wear and tear and no need to reduce and discount prices during hollow tining periods and frees up one green per hole for renovation or maintenance and provides variation for the members not playing exactly the same hole each time.

There is of course a down side because double the number of greens means twice the maintenance which in turn increases the costs for the golf course owners.

Still it is good to see someone trying something different.