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This book is the first of this type in Murcia and is more than simply an A-Z of golf courses but includes valuable information for residents and tourists alike.

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Covid-19 Golf Safety Protocols Costa Blanca

  • Covid 19

    Staying safe on the Costa Blanca

Covid-19 golf protocols

The world is now a different place from just a few months ago and the sport of golf has been as badly damaged as any similar tourist based industry. After a period of severe lockdown the Spanish government have now agreed that golf can recommence in Spain, in areas that meet certain Covid-19 criteria but under a set of safety protocols for golf courses which can be summarised as follows:

    1) It is highly recommended that all players wear face masks to reduce risks.
    2) Respect all safety measures and restaurants will remain closed but buggy bars may be available.
    3) Avoid all physical greetings (hugs, kisses, hand-shakes and high fives).
    4) Maintain social distancing at all times on and off the course.
    5) Buggies are for individual use (except co-habiting family members) and will be disinfected before and after each round.
    6) Trollies are for individual use and will be disinfected before and after each round.
    7) Players must arrive at the courses dressed to play as clubhouse changing rooms will be closed.
    8) Proceed from the car park to the first tee 5 minutes before the allocated tee time.
    9) No sharing of scorecards or record all scores on one scorecard only.
    10) On the course benches, ball washers and water fountains won’t be in operation.
    11) There will be no rakes in bunkers leave the bunker in a smooth condition using the bottom of shoes or a golf club.
    12) The flags must remain in the holes at all times and must not be touched.
    13) Holes will be fitted with a stop to prevent the ball falling to the bottom of the hole and take care when removing the ball from the hole.
    14) Play golf at a fast pace and maintain your position on the courses as calling groups through is not allowed.
    15) After the game avoid any long goodbyes and any physical contact.
    16) No cleaning of shoes or other golf equipment allowed at the course.
    17) Walkers are recommended to go directly to the car park from the course.
    18) Those in buggies should return buggies first before taking their golf clubs to the car park.

While the Covid-19 virus pandemic still exists or until a vaccination is developed these safety protocols could be with us for some time.