When is it acceptable to walk off a golf course?

As anyone who has played the game of golf for some length of time can confirm it can be the biggest test of patience you will ever face doing something that you are supposed to be enjoying and at some point in time we have all felt like just walking off the course and throwing the clubs in the river.

However, seriously, are there any acceptable reasons for actually walking off the golf course?

A recent study indicates that the following are at least plausible reasons for leaving the golf course (although it you had tried some of these with my dad you would be lucky to play with him again)

  1. Bad Health
  2. Bad Weather
  3. Bad Case of the shanks
  4. An off the course emergency
  5. Extremely slow play
  6. Terrible playing partners
  7. Running out of golf balls

It should be pointed out however that all of the above are to be extreme cases before you actually remove yourself from the golf course.

We should also remind ourselves that the reason that we first took up golf was enjoyment and so why look for reasons to stop doing what we are supposed to enjoy!