Western Movies

For those of you of ‘advanced’ years you will understand what I am about to say and for those younger, just ask your parents.

Do you remember those Saturday afternoon matinees at the ‘flicks’ where you went to see your film favourites such as John Wayne, Alan Ladd and Randolph Scott in the good old western movies?

Although the films were different, the theme was the same, boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl again and all while fighting the bad guys.

Now I want you to use your imagination again and you should consider your golf swing and thoughts to be like a western movie.

The good guys are fighting the bad guys and in this case the ‘girl’ is enjoyment success and satisfaction.

In terms of your ’swing’, the good guys are the key fundamentals for good golf of posture, grip and alignment and  the bad guys are usually too strong a right hand grip, bad posture over the ball, poor alignment, not releasing the club from the top and deceleration of the club head.

All of these will cause inconsistent and poor golf resulting in the, slices, hooks, pulls, duffs, thins, shanks and total misses that you see every day on the golf course.

In terms of your ‘mind’ the bad guys are negative thoughts, bad attitude, lack of focus, over stating your own abilities, low confidence, poor preparation, anger and fear and the good guys are a good attitude, positive thoughts, relaxation, calmness, good preparation, goal setting, control of anger, concentration, course strategy and most importantly visualisation.

So there it is, your overall golf game is like your favourite western movie, make sure that the good guys beat the bad guys and win the girl, which in this case is success, satisfaction or just plain enjoyment.