Tiger Woods versus Phil Mickelsen

Tiger Woods versus Phil Mickelsen’

Ten to fifteen years ago the thought of Tiger Wood squaring off against Phil Mikkelsen when both were at the height of the golfing powers would have been a lip smacking prospect.

I think that it is no real secret that neither really liked each other at that time and their attempts at being paired together in the Ryder Cup when ranked 1 and 2 in the world were a disaster.

Only last week Mikkelsen fresh from making a fool of himself at the US Open and then criticising the Paris Ryder Cup course for being unfair and giving too much advantage to the the home team played probably the second best golfer ever to live (after Jack Nicklaus) but a shadow of his former self after health and personal problems in a winner takes $9 million match with $200,000 for nearest the pins and $400,000 side bet’s.

Is it just me that thinks that this is obscene and making a mockery of the traditions of the game of golf and almost bringing the game into disrupute.

Now neither will ever be short of food on the table again but we have a world with homeless sleeping rough and people in work such as nurses still having to use food banks and these two mega millionaires play for circa €10 million.

Both have gone down in my estimation and should be ashamed of themselves.