The Secret of Golf

Well we all finally managed to see the back of 2020 and with the approval of various vaccines the Covid-19 situation will change for the better but we still have some difficult times ahead for a few months more.

Golfers all around the globe will start to think about their golf in 2021 with many looking for that bit of magic or the “Secret of Golf” and I am going to help you all by giving you this key information in this golf article and free of charge.

Are you ready for it?

The secret is that “there are no difficult shots in golf”

Rubbish I can hear you all scream so let me explain these comments.

If you played the game of golf on a course where every hole was the same length, no wind changes, no bunkers, no rough, no trees and perfectly flat greens you would not play golf and why?

The answer is simple because it would not be ‘ interesting’ enough.

So remember what I said previous, from a mental perspective, there are no difficult shots in golf, some are ‘more interesting’ than others.

The next time you are faced with that deft chip from a tight lie to a pin tucked behind a bunker remember these words.

Instead of convincing yourself how difficult the shots is and how you can’t possibly play the shot think to yourself ‘this is an interesting shot’

While in itself it will not prevent you hitting a poor shot, because your technique could be flawed, it will take stress from your mind and body and will prevent you hitting a poor shot because of the way you were thinking.

In the same way when next faced with a tricky 3-foot putt to win, instead of saying to yourself “I have got to get this” replace this thought with “I am going to get this”.

Again you will find with a good technique that you hole more of these putts with less stress on mind and body.

So there you have it, the secret of golf, now all you have to do is put it into practise.