The correct attitude for Golf

The correct attitude for golf

Everyone who has played golf will understand that the mood we are ‘in’ reflects in the way we play, there are days when we would be happier doing something else and this reflects in our score.

There are times at golf when we become disappointed and depressed due to our inability to achieve our desired aims, resulting in the worst fault in golf, anger.

Anger is the work of the personal ‘bully’ which many people take with them to the golf course, being too critical of their own performance, attempting to play above their own level of ability and from the ‘incorrect’ belief that winning is the only reason for playing.

Failure does involve anger but starts with fear and this is introduced into golf in various ways, fear of losing, fear of winning and the fear created when faced with bunkers or water.

Anger, fear and depression have an effect not only on our personal performance but also in the way we view others and blame them for our failures but it is essential that ‘we’ accept responsibility when things go wrong and take action to correct the situation.

Poor shots are played by ‘all’ golfers, so when it happens to you, don’t be surprised and become angry, look upon it as a part of golf and forget it, ‘You know the consequences if you don’t’.

A correct playing attitude requires that you are kind to yourself and accept responsibility and that you are patient and tolerant of other players, you owe it to yourself to try and enjoy the day out, before, during and afterwards.

Maybe we should ask ourselves the question, what is golf all about anyway?

The answer should always be enjoyment.