The Attraction of Golf

The Attraction of Golf’

This article is targeted at the total beginner, although more established golfers should read the article to remind themselves why they began to play this glorious game.

This pastime has increased rapidly over the last 20 years and no more than here on the Costa’s


The answer is simple the retired ex-pats have leisure time to both play and learn the sport.

There are a number of other benefits from the sport here on the Costa’s namely:

  1. Competition

  2. Challenge

  3. Climate

  4. Scenery and nature

  5. Relaxation

  6. Brain stimulation and physical exercise

So in simple terms what is golf?

The aim of the game is to hit the ball into the hole.

Each hole has a par, which, is the amount of hit’s a person should take to get the ball into the hole.

The game starts at hole number 1 and ends at hole 9 or 18.

If you are very lucky and hit the ball into the hole on your first attempt this is called a ‘hole in one’.

However be careful with this because it is an un-written rule that YOU buy everyone in the clubhouse a drink as a reward for your good luck.

If the hole is a par 4, a birdie is one under par and an eagle is two under par.

Confused yet, you will be, especially when other golfers introduce you to other terms such as ouslers, ferrets, sandy ferrets, bisks and mulligans.

The old image of golf being associated to the rich and famous has long gone (but just tell that to the local course owners) and is now open to both young and old provided that they are physically capable.

You can even conduct business meetings on the golf course but beware, because golf is both a mental and physical game so do not start any business discussions for at least five holes until you have determined the ‘mood’ of your opponent.

It is not just the bond of the game or the opportunity to take time over a decision but getting to know your opponent socially and professionally (and their weak points).

For those of you who just wish to develop a leisure time activity with family and friends a definite camaraderie (and friendships) can be developed on the golf course.

However the hobby does not come cheap here on the Costa’s but it certainly opens up your life to a wider social circle while seeing more of this beautiful country.