Summer golf on the Costa Blanca

All golfers be they residents or tourists need to prepare properly before playing golf here on the Costa Blanca during the ‘steamy’ summer months when temperatures are regularly in the high 30 degree range with humidity in the high 70’s.Unless you decide to play early bird or twilight golf you will be playing some of the round when the temperatures are at their hottest and you need to plan accordingly. Unless you are a masochist or something I would always advise that you take a buggy and these are well priced or included in most summer deals by the courses and have plenty of storage space for both food and much needed fluid. Try and avoid the temptation to drink alcohol because the sun will make this go ‘straight to your head’ and in fact makes you de-hydrate quicker and instead carry and drink water or diluted fruit juices which you can put in the freezer overnight so it remains cold and solid for most of the round. You should avoid de-hydration at all costs because it causes energy loss and tiredness but also makes it difficult to focus and concentrate on your golf and remember most importantly the thirst is the last sign of de-hydration, not the first. Take the advantage of shade whenever you can and just a few minutes out of the sun will give your body some recovery and cooling time and remember to apply sun cream (even if not a man thing) and wear a hat. There are now also numerous sports sunglasses which will take away the effect of glare and can reduce headaches, migraine and possibly sunstroke. The courses are generally in excellent condition during the summer months and quieter due to the lower number of players but don’t ruin this wonderful experience by becoming ill on the course.