Post Ryder Cup

Post Ryder Cup

Like most golfers I spent 3 days over the past weekend glued to the TV screeen watching the spectacle that is the Ryder cup and what an amazing result for the European team 17.5 points to 10.5 points.

Prior to the event I had my private concerns that being based outside of the UK there would be a lack of atmosphere and passion needed to create home advantage but how wrong was I with the most amazing sights and sounds around the huge stands bordering the 1st tee and 18th green.

I just loved the ‘thunder clap’ but could do without some of the ‘booing’ of the USA players that took place.

On paper based on world rankings the USA team were odds on favorites to win the trophy but as usual they proved to be a group of good individuals rather than a great team.

Subsequent reports now show that there were disputes within the camp with Brooks Koepka and Dustin Johnson apparantly coming to blows and Patrick Reed throwing his toys out of the cot because he didn’t play with Jordan Spieth (despite being paired with the great Tiger Woods) and complaining about being ‘benched’ twice despite shooting an 83 in one of the four ball sessions.

As stated by Butch Harmon during commentary Patrick Reed lacks ‘class’ and is not a team player for sure despite the national passion that he has and was apparently the ‘rotten apple’ in the barrel.

Did you see just one of the USA team ‘smile’ during the event and most had a face like thunder the whole event whereas the European team were all smiles even in times of adversity.

Even mid afternoon on the last day when the tide appeared to be turning they played with confidence and a smile and got the result that they deserved.

There will be an ‘autopsy’ by press in the USA but meanwhile we should just enjoy having the Ryder Cup for the next 2 years BUT just a thought,how will Brexit impact on the structure of the European team and their team logo and colours next time?