Playing golf in High Temperatures

We are now in the height of Summer with extremely high temperatures and below are some simple things that all golfers should do to prevent problems in the summer months ,namely:

1.If possible avoid playing golf in the early afternoon between mid day and 3pm.

2. Always apply sun block to exposed areas of skin and try to wear a hat to avoid sunstroke.

3. Remember that thirst is the last sign of de-hydration not the first

4. Drink plenty of fluid particularly water and sports drinks which replace the minerals that your body loses as                 you sweat.

5. Avoid drinking alcohol which de-hydrates you more quickly.

6. Try to eat something when playing because you will use energy as your body works hard to keep you cool.

7. If you get the chance on the way around take the opportunity to wait in the shade but don’t hold up play when             doing this.

8. Although you may feel weary keep up with the group in front and remember the quicker you play the less                      time  you will be exposed to the sun and high temperatures.

If you follow these few simple steps you will avoid problems resulting from playing golf in extreme weather conditions in the hot summer months.