Playing Golf in High Temperatures

Playing Golf in High Temperatures’

What I am about to say is COMMON SENSE but one thing for sure is that sense is not that common.

When you play golf for 5 hours in temparatures nudging 40 degrees you need to take more precautions than normal.

Firstly apply a suitable sun cream to reduce the cancer risk and to prevent burning and trust me if you have tried to play golf with sunburnt shoulders you will know what I mean!

Your body is going to be working overtime to keep itself cool and in doing so will burn up vital reserves of food and fluid to produce energy and these need to be replaced during the round.

A few sips of water is not sufficient and you probably need as a minimum TWO large bottles of water and I would advise an energy type drink because these replace fluids and also salts and minerals.

Avoid alcohol because this speeds up fluid loss from the body and sugary fizzy drinks because these give a short term sugar and energy high which will be quickly lost along with the control of your energy levels.

Don’t be scared to top up the carbohydrates and have a roll or baguette or try melon or a banana which has high levels of potassium.

Remember that thirst is the last sign of de-hydration,not the first and if your energy levels get out of control you feel tired,lethargic,lack concentration and even possibly get irritable with your playing partners.

So there you have it not only will your golf performance be impaired but you may find that no one want to play with you because of your bad attitude.