Correct Nutrition for Golf

Just how serious are you about your golf and would you change your diet and avoid eating some of your favourite ‘junk food’ to improve your golf game?

I can’t plan your diet for you because we are all different; however there are some foods that are not conducive to good health, energy and stamina.

To improve your diet you should eat foods that are high in nutrition but low in fat, such as, vegetables, fruit, turkey, whole grains, baked or boiled fish, skimmed milk, and egg whites. Rice and fruit juices.

Unfortunately this means dumping some of your favourite foods which are loaded with empty calories, such as, pizza, ice cream, cheese cake, red meat, fried chicken, fried fish, gravy, chips, ham and soft drinks.

Remember that good nutrition, including plenty of water is fundamental to success, especially under difficult and trying conditions, such as excessive temperatures and humidity.

Here are some dietary do’s and don’ts in preparation for and during the round of golf:

1)   Don’t play on a full stomach (allow 2 hours for food to digest).
2)   Do drink plenty of water before and during the round.
3)   Do carry food nutrition bars for instant energy.
4)   Do use sports drinks to help avoid dehydration.
5)   Do eat apples and bananas for energy.
6)   Don’t eat chocolate during the round (avoids sugar highs).
7)   Don’t eat heavy foods like burgers & hotdogs (they cause lethargy).
8)   Don’t eat late meals (allow time for food to settle before you lie down).
9)   Don’t eat desserts (replace these with fruit or frozen yoghurt).

In general limit the amount of your sugar and salt intake but remember that a little bit of what you fancy does you good and a little bit of fat helps you maintain your weight but don’t overdo it and get carried away. Nobody can tell you what to eat but we are all aware that not all foods are healthy for you.

You will decide when the time is right for you to eat healthier but for the majority of people they feel better for it and on the golf course you will discover that you do not tire as easily late in the round and that your thinking will remain consistent and clear for the whole round.