New Golf Rules for 2019

New Golf Rules for 2019

The rules of golf as published by the Royal and Ancient based at St Andrews are already very detailed and complex and are updated each year to reflect changes in the golfing market place and to modernise the game.

With effect from 1st January 2019 there are a number of rule changes which will impact on all golfers even those playing their golf on the Costa Blanca and the main chamges are as follows:

Dropping Procedure

Currently dropping a ball for free relief or under penalty this is done from shoulder height but under the new rules this will be done from knee height.

Dropping Distance

When taking a drop under free relief or under penalty the distance will remain the current one or two club distance and can be used with any club in the bag EXCEPT the putter.

Double Hitting the ball

There will no longer be a two shot penalty for double hitting the ball,players will simply count the the stroke they took to hit the ball.

Out of Bounds

To assist the speed of play golf clubs will be allowed to introduce a local rule where players can drop a ball in the vicinity of where the ball went out of bounds with a two shot penalty.

Moving a Stationary Ball

There will no longer be a penalty for accidently moving the ball on the putting green or while searching for it and a player is not deemed to move the ball unless it is virtually certain that they did.

Ball hitting the flagstick on the green

The flagstick no longer needs to be attended or removed when putting on the green and there will be no penalty for players hitting the flagstick.

Repair of spike marks

Players will now be allowed to repair spike marks and any other damage on the greens without penalty and also there will be no penalty for simply touching the line of a putt.

Grounding club in a hazard

Players can now ground their club and remove loose impediments in a hazard without penalty and additionally players will no longer be penalised for GENERALLY grounding their club AWAY from the ball or removing loose impediments in a bunker BUT the player still can’t ground the club when playing a bunker shot.

Unplayable lie in a bunker

Players can now declare an unplayable lie in a bunker and take a drop out of the bunker under a two shot penalty

Searching for lost balls

Players will now only be allowed 3 minutes to look for a lost ball rather than the current 5 minute rule.

Ready Golf

Players are encouraged to play ready golf rather than the honour system previously used and take no more than 40 seconds to play a shot.

Players Integrity

In general the players integrity will be relied upon to the point where the players REASONABLE JUDGEMENT will be TRUSTED for things like estimating or measuring a spot,point,line,area or distance.

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