Las Colinas Golf & Country Club – July Special Offers

The superb golf course at Las Colinas already have a selection of summer ‘deals’ ranging from early bird deals,2 ball deals to their excellent twilight offer from 4pm.

For July 20las-colinas-golf-114 they have now added a 4 ball,2 buggy deal which we at Costa Blanca Green Fee Services are offering for only €224 and which represents exceptional good value for this quality of course.

In addition they have been very ‘creative‘ and introduced a buy 5 round,pay for only 4 round deal which will apply across their full range of deals if the client purchases the same deal 5 times.

For example a single player will now pay only €240 for 5 rounds of golf,no buggy.

Remember to contact us at Costa Blanca Green Fee Services for full details.