If you like the rest of us mere mortals, you can become at times confused with advice that we receive or from the golfing books that we read.

There is one simple solution, just KISS.

Now before the more amorous of you get carried away I am not talking lust and passion here.

Kiss stands for “Keep It Simple Stupid”.

When things get just a little too much for you and you are lost in the mire of bad golf and advice just remember this phrase and repeat it to yourself.

With this in mind, below you will see some simple quotations from famous golfers and if you find that some of them ‘ring your bell’ then cut out this article and put it in your car or even your golf bag to act as an instant reminder of your golfing key thoughts for the next round.

Action before thought is the ruin of most of your shots” – Tommy Armour (Open Champion 1931).

Time used intelligently for pre-shot decisions is never wasted” – Max Faulkner (Open Champion 1951).

The biggest challenge you face on the tee is changing your mind-set from the practise range to the course” – Johnny Miller (Open Champion 1976).

Golfers find it difficult to turn at the waist, particularly if they have a lot of waist to turn” – Harry Vardon (6 times Open Champion).

Give me a man with big hands, big feet and no brains and I will make a golfer out of him” – Walter Hagen (4 times Open Champion).

It does not matter if you look like a beast before or after the hit as long as you look like a beauty at the moment of impact” – Seve Ballesteros (3 times open Champion).

You can talk to a fade but a hook won’t listen” – Lee Trevino (Open Champion 1971,1972).

Around, over and under trouble, let your imagination run wild” – Sandy Lyle (Open Champion 1985).

The difference between a sand trap and water is the difference between a car crash and a plane crash, you have the chance of recovering from a car crash” – Bobby Jones (3 times Open Champion).

Par climbs for all golfers along with wind force” – Jack Nicklaus (3 times Open Champion).

Remember that you win more holes as a result of errors by your opponent than your own brilliant play” – James Braid (6 times Open Champion).

To really improve you have to sacrifice some of your playing time for practise time” – Seve Ballesteros (3 times Open Champion).

Match your strategy to your skills” – Arnold Palmer (Open Champion 1961,1962).

When you hit a bad shot don’t think about what you did wrong but concentrate on what you must do right on the next shot” – Tommy Armour (Open Champion 1931).

I expect to make at least seven mistakes a round and therefore I don’t worry about when I make a bad shot, it’s just one of seven” – Walter Hagen (4 times Open Champion).

I didn’t think that I could win every tournament that I entered BUT the other players did and this gave me an edge” – Jack Nicklaus (3 times Open Champion).

I hope that there is something in these quotations for YOU but even if there is not remember at all times to keep your golfing thoughts clear and simple.