Just For Laughs

Just For Laughs

When asked about football being like life or death, Bill Shankly stated “no it is much more important than that”.

I have got news for you; if you think that way about golf then you should pack up now and take up some other sport.

Yes it is important that you enjoy the game and that you are competitive and play to you best ability, but not at all costs.

Jack Nicklaus is without doubt the most successful golfer in history and will remain so until someone surpasses his feats in the record books.

He became the best by practising harder than his opponents, preparing better than them and having confidence in his ability in pressure situations.

However he had a strict set of life values and an order of priorities in his life, namely:

  1. Family

  2. Golf

  3. Business

If he can maintain these values and still be so successful than perhaps we can all learn something from this.

Trust me, nothing is that important so lighten up a little.

For example:

Did you hear about the golfer who arrived at the course to discover that he had forgotten his golf shoes and he rang back home and his daughter answered the phone?

When asked where her mother was she replied upstairs in bed with uncle Alf.

But we don’t have an uncle Alf he replied.

He then asked his daughter to go upstairs and tell her mother that father’s car had just pulled onto the drive and to tell him the reaction.

After a short period of time the tearful girl reported that upon hearing the news the mother jumped out of bed but in her rush fell down the stairs and was fatally injured.

And uncle Alf, asked the father?

She replied that upon hearing the news that he ran through the bedroom balcony door and fell into the empty swimming pool below, also being fatally injured.

Hang on said the father; we do not have a swimming pool…..

Is that telephone number 966 866 904???

Do not wait for the bar at the end of the round to have fun and tell jokes, it is allowed on the course you know and the mental uplift and feel good factor that you gain will only improve your game and if it does not, boy will you have had fun.