Jack Nicklaus Famous Quotes

While we all have our views and opinions on the greatest golfer to ever play the game ,my personal opinion it is Jack Nicklaus not only for his tournament win record but the way in which he handled himself on and off the course so when he speaks you should listen and below are just a few of his famous quotes:

The best golfer in the world only wins 20% of the time.

Focus on remedies not faults.

To be successful you need to manage yourself and the course.

The older you get the stronger the wind gets and is always in your face.

Air offers less resistance than dirt.

Learn the basic fundamentals of the game and stick to them.

Golf is a game not a war.

Never quit or give up, whatever the situation.

Don’t be too proud to take lessons.

We all go through tough times.

It takes hundreds of good shots to gain confidence and only one bad one to lose it.

Don’t shy away from pressure embrace it.

Never lose your temper and always keep your head.

I am sure that every golfing reader of this article can relate to most of these quotes in someway and apply them to your game.