“In the Zone”

In the Zone’

In previous articles you will recall that I have discussed the need to enter your own personal bubble before you start your pre-shot routine.

The terms that you will have heard on the television is to be ‘in the zone’ or to be ‘focused’.

Why is this necessary?

This is not just about concentration but it is also a method employed to preserve your mental energy so that you do not feel so tired and weary after a game of golf.

Consider the following:

Each shot requires approx 40 seconds of concentration therefore a round of 72 shots takes 48 minutes and one of 90 shots takes 1 hour.

However as it take 5 hours to play a game of golf here on the Costa’s, you need to be able to enter and leave the zone when required otherwise you will be mentally drained by the end of the round.

How do can I do this I hear you say?

Local experts such as Martin Glover advocate the use if anchors.

You need one anchor for getting into the focused state (the zone) and another for leaving it and returning to peripheral vision.

Make a note of your own personal anchors.

For entering the zone: e.g. Enter, Start, Begin, Soften, Focus, etc.

For leaving the zone: e.g. Leave, End, Finish, Relax, etc.

There are some mental exercises that you can practise both at home and on the golf course so that it becomes second nature.

Exercise 1

Close your eyes, focus on your breathing and relax.

Imagine using your anchor (i.e. a word or a sound), and being totally focused and ready to play your shot.

Exercise 2

Close your eyes, focus on your breathing and relax.

Imagine using your anchor (i.e. a word or sound or putting the club back in the bag) and coming back to peripheral vision.

If you use these techniques you will see an improvement in your ability to visualise golf shots and you will fill your mind with positive thoughts and images.

If you consider that this is a load of mumbo jumbo then ask yourself, why do all of the world’s best golfers employ these techniques and the services of golf psychologists?

Do they know something that you do not?