How to use a weighted club

How to use a weighted club

Before we start I am not talking about the Fred Flintstone caveman types amongst you.

Increasing and maintaining flexibility in your muscles, particularly in advanced years, will have a positive impact on both your overall performance and will help you to avoid injury.

If you are really serious about your golf you will probably already have a physical fitness program involving a total body workout of approx one to two hours a couple of times per week.

If you do not have the time for such a physical workout schedule then I suggest the use of a weighted club (without a ball) before you play or before a practise session.

An alternative to a weighted club is to swing two clubs at the same time because nobody can swing these too quickly.

The weighted club is ideal your upper body muscles but you MUST swing the club slowly.

If swung properly, a weighted club can also increase your swing speed.

Here are the key essentials to using the weighted club:

  1. Loosen up first to warm up the muscles.

  2. Start each swing from the address position.

  3. Swing slowly to avoid pulling a muscle.

  4. Swing the club and don’t let the club swing you because the momentum can pull you all over the place if you are not careful.

  5. Maintain your body position when swinging the club, particularly your spine angle.

I will discuss in later articles a full fitness and body workout that will help your golf but the simple use of the weighted club will assist those of you with limited time or physical capabilities.

Remember however that if you use the weighted club immediately prior to your round of golf to remove it from your bag because not only could you be penalised for having too many clubs in the bag but you will also find if heavy to carry around for 5 hours.