Great Expectations

Great Expectations

Golfers in this part of Spain fall into two categories,namely resident golfers or tourist golfers.

The resident golfer is typically of retirement age paying for their golf on a limited pension income subject to variances in exchange rates.

The tourist golfer has probably been saving up their pennies to come on a much awaited golf holiday with pals,eating a greasy fry up each morning and getting sozzled at night.

They do however have one thing in common,they expect the golf courses that they play to be in good condition.

Feedback from my recent customers indicates that this may not be the case as the number of complaints about course conditions is increasing.

There appear to be two main reasons for this,namely heavy rains after a long hot summer and hollow tining plus the over playing of all local courses.

All local courses are bursting at the seams and while people want to play, the courses will take their money and fill the courses which get no time for respite and re-cuperation BUT there must be a balance because poor quality courses will result in the non return of golfers to the area.

The issue of heavy rains immediately after hollow tining and a long hot summer is something I have sympathy with the courses because the combination of these elements have made the putting surfaces SOFT on top and these are being CUT- UP by spikes.

However the players also have some reponsibility here because the number of scuffed greens,un-repaired pitch marks and unraked bunkers is also on the increase and this issue rests firmly with the players so how someone can complain about the condition of the courses and not conduct themselves the basic elements of course maintenance such as this is beyond me.

We all want courses in good condition but the golf clubs themselves must give the courses time to recover and filling them dawn till dusk is not helping a difficult situation and players themselves must treat the courses with respect and basically leave the course in the condition they would expect to find it in the first place.