Golf Course Pricing Strategies

During a NORMAL year local golf courses apply a seasonal pricing strategy with low season prices in the Summer and Winter months and high season prices in the Spring and Autumn months.

Usually the low season summer prices end across the local golf courses between the end of August and end of September BUT as you can guess the covid-19 virus has changed the picture this year and all local courses have either extended the Summer deals in to the following month or moved into a medium season period rather than the usual high season prices to reflect the fact that due to 14 day quarantine periods and airline flight cancellations there are very few tourist golfers visiting the area.

Unfortunately for some resident golfers these actions are un-realistically considered insufficient and they are looking to play golf for €35-€40 including a shared buggy and this is just not possible.

All local courses were closed from 13/03/20 until 11/05/20 without income and some opened late and some are still not open and nearly all have staff on ERTE (Furlough) which will end shortly and so the courses will again either need to lay off staff or pay their wages and just how do golfers expect them to do that by selling golf a give away prices?

All the courses have seriously high operating costs (e.g. water costs are circa €500k per annum) and they have to at least cover their operating costs just to survive.

My message to resident golfer is to be realistic with your pricing expectations and put yourselves in the position of the courses at this time before criticising their pricing strategy.

I am sure the next few months will be difficult for everyone involved and I doubt that the local golfing industry will be the same again but lets all hope we are all here healthy and safe if a little poorer for the experience.