European Tour Qualifying 2019

European Tour Qualifying 2019

In November each year a group of highly talented professional golfers seek the holy grail of golf which is membership of the full European Tour where many riches await.

There are three stages of qualifying with the final round comprising players from the Challenge Tour and those that failed to make the grade in the main tour during 2018 which will be held at Lumines in Spain later this week.

The 2nd stage qualifying was held last weekend and three of the courses in our area were used (Alenda,Desert Springs and Las Colinas) which is testimony to the quality of the courses locally available to us.

Sometimes we complain about the condition of our local courses BUT the people at the European PGA know a thing or two about golf courses and wouldn’t have included these courses on the rota if they weren’t fit for purpose.

As amateurs we tend to find these courses long and difficult to play but to put things into perspective the winning scores last week were 15 to 21 under par for four rounds of golf.

Easy golf isn’t it!

In a recent article I highlighted the rise of Craig Ross who has played on a regular basis with the Marabu Golf Society and he successfully qualified at Alenda with a score of 9 under par and will be chasing glory at Lumines later this week and we wish him well and will keep you updated of his progress.