Daily Golf Licence

Daily Golf Licence

Anyone who has played golf in Spain will know that if you’re are not a member of the Spanish Golf Federation (at a cost of circa €80 per year) you will asked to pay a daily licence at each golf course before you are allowed to play at a cost of €1.5 in the Valencian region and €3 in the Murcian region.

This is a legal requirement covered by a Royal Spanish decree and as such must be paid BUT in most cases golfers refer to it as an insurance payment which is incorrect.

Only part of the daily licence fee is for insurance and the balance is to help fund and run the regional golf federation although just why the cost in the Murcian region is double that of the Valencian region is beyond understanding and may players just consider this another form of tax or profiteering.

Many golfers also consider that paying the daily licence fee gives them insurance against any eventuality and this is just not the case.

One of the local golf societies for whom I book had an incident of an established and well known course in Murcia when a lady player was hit by a stray golf ball and fortunately there were no serious injuries the shaft of her club was broken by the ball on impact.

On return to the clubhouse she tried to claim against the daily licence insurance only to be told that damage to golf equipment was not covered and subsequent discussions with the course revealed that it is not exactly clear what is covered.

As a broad brush you can consider that only damage to properties and personal injury are covered BUT I recommend that every golfer must check for themselves exactly what insurance cover that they have with a golf course when paying on the day.

By the way this also applies to Spanish Golf Federation members to check what cover they get for their €80 per year and the phrase Caveat Emptor (buyer beware) comes to mind.