Course Marshall’s

Course Marshall’s

Every golf course on the Costa Blanca are currently extremely busy with golfers and will remain that way until the end of November.

Such a constant flow of golfers needs some controlling to ensure that start and finish times are maintained and that course rules regarding buggies are adhered to.

To this end the courses employ course marshall’s who are either Spanish nationals or retired brits who exchange spare time for free golf at the course concerned.

The feedback that I receive from the Marshall’s is that the bulk of their time is utilised either preventing players taking buggies into restricted areas or cracking the whip to slow golfers.

The feedback that I receive from my clients,the players, in this respect is that the course marshall’s are either extremely helpful in their role or extremely rude and un helpful,there appears to be no mid ground in this respect.

There simply must be some compromise here with players understanding the need to protect worn areas on the course and to keep up with the pace of play so that no unnecessary delays are caused to fellow golfer and the course and their marshalls understanding that the clients are customers who in many cases in high season pay top dollar to play golf and who deserve to be treated with respect accordingly.

There appears almost to be a mini state of war between the two parties and for sure no-one will benefit from this in the long term.

Remember you don’t need marshalls on an empty golf courses as La Tercia,Mosa Trajectum,Corvera and La Peraleja could confirm if still in existance because all failed to provide the customers with satisfaction.