Concentration and Target Aiming

Concentration and Target Aiming

There are basic human qualities needed to deal with winning and one is the ability to concentrate, particularly when the pressure is on and it is important that you understand how to concentrate because at these times you generally play too quickly and get it wrong or extend your time over the ball and duff it in the confusion.

The ability to control concentration is a requirement for being a champion and it has been said that champions are separated from others by the way they ’think’.

Concentration and your target aiming ritual are very closely connected because following a target aiming routine gives the mind something to do at a time when nerves could impede your normal routine.

At this time you need to think about something but at the same time make your thought routine short because without pressure, you can mentally follow all of your swing movements but when the pressure is on it is almost impossible to do this and so a few thoughts only should be used at these times.

You must practise the method, which pressure dictates because it is no good practising a method, which can only survive on the practise ground.

Once you have decided on the line and length of your shot, you should select a target point (a point at the back of the hole when putting or a tree, etc in the distance) because it is ’impossible’ to line up to an area.

From the back of the ball, in line with the target, you should find a mark a few inches in front of the ball and take your address position by squaring up to this mark and then look at the ball.

The next thing is to breathe out and start the swing, remembering one thought on the back swing and one on the downswing.

Not until the whole routine has been completed should you leave your ‘personal bubble’ and – with the smile of satisfaction from ’getting it right’.

Remember the target aiming routine:

  1. Composure – Relaxation – (time as needed)

  2. Mental Rehearsal – (time always the same)

  3. Concentration Steps and Swing – (time always the same)