Beware – The thieves are back

Most local golf courses re-opened for post covid-19 golf in the 11th May 2020 but it didn’t take long for the long looked forward to event to be spoiled by a group of thieves that hit courses all along the Costa Blanca until they were caught in Alicante.

It now looks like the idea to target golf course has circulated among the bad guy’s and recent reports would indicate that all golfers need to be careful with their valuables as players were targeted last week at La Marquesa with money, credit cards and jewellery being stolen from golf bags on buggies while on the course.

On this occasion the theft took place on the concealed 11th hole where golfers have to park the buggy some 40 metres from the green and the thieves were waiting in bushes nearby before conducting their theft while the players were putting out on the green.

We all know that these are difficult times with many people struggling financially driving them to desperate measures but these are not random crimes they are well planned and organised and usually conducted by gangs of criminals.

So the message is simple, trust nobody and take care with your valuables while on the course and stay vigilant at all times while still enjoying your golf.