Around and About the Courses – New Sierra Golf

Around and about the Courses – New Sierra Golf

Those of you that have lived in Spain for any length of time will be aware that in the region of Murcia we have seen the largest share of golf courses that opened to the public during the ‘boom’ years before the 2009 financial crisis and then closed equally as quickly.

Included in this list of courses are Corvera,La Peraleja,La Tercia,Mosa Trajectum and Sierra Golf and they all had one thing in common namely difficulty to get grass to grow properly on the fairways so they had a soft and manicured ‘look’.

Sierra golf was a simple pay and play 9 hole course on the La Tercia road and closed after approx 4 years of opening and remained closed until February 2016 when they had a re-opening ceremony.

The course is still a 9 hole layout with no immediate plans to become 18 holes and is a pleasant course but still with traces of the same problems with lack of good grass growth.

Over the summer months the management team have been working with grass experts to correct these problems and having played this course this week can report that they have been very successful with approx 85% of fairways now in a good condition and with a ‘base growth’ and softer landing areas and the greens and aprons are in an excellent condition.

Don’t be put off by the fact the course is only a 9 hole layout it is well worth a game and is very affordable in these times of increasing prices.