Around and about the courses – New Sierra Golf

Regular readers of these articles will be aware that we provide an update on the condition and any changes at local courses. Last year we provided you with an update o the 9 hole course at New Sirra course which had opened in the boom years prior to the financial crash of 2008 and which closed for a few years as a result but had re-opened two years ago and in the process of recovering it’s best condition,specifically in respect of the fairways. Having played the course again last week it is worth providing our readers with an update. The course still represents some of the best value for money in the area with 18 hole greens fees from an agent such as Costa Blanca Green Fee Services still only circa €41 each,including a shared buggy and that isn’t available anywhere else locally in high season. The greens are probably the best that I have seen and played on all year and the fairways are now 90% back to normal and have introduced definition between fairway and semi rough. They are still working on some of the bunkers and some of the buggies have seen better days. They do have to manage the cross over point after 9 holes which they appear to do very well and the course and office staff are helpful and welcoming. All in all I would suggest that if you are looking for a good but affordable game of golf in high season you should consider New Sierra Golf.