Around and About the Courses an Update

The Covid-19 virus continues to have a serious impact across the whole spectrum of the Spanish economy but there is at least some encouraging news in respect of vaccines that could be available for some people before the turn on the year and with a major roll out in the Spring of 2021.

Until then the local golf courses need to find a way just to survive and all are responding in different ways not being helped by the current cross border travel restrictions between the Murcian and Valencian communities.

Below is an update for some courses in these regions:

Costa Blanca North and Torrevieja.

In general all the courses remain open and many with special deals although those courses with hotels tend to have the hotel closed until further notice.

Alicante Golf is now re-opened to the public with tee times available until 3.30pm and the golf reception has now also re-opened.

The courses in the Torrevieja area are all open but with significantly reduced numbers, except for perhaps Vistabella and the others are relying heavily on members and local golf societies to generate income.

Lo Romero continues to close on Sunday’s and Monday’s throughout November and December.


Not only do Murcia have closed borders to other communities and regions but with Murcia itself there are travel restrictions between towns, municipalities and health districts all of which impact greatly on the local golf courses.

Those courses with hotels tend to have the hotels closed until further notice.

Within the GNK group of course both Alhama and Hacienda Riquelme remain closed with any bookings being taken at El Valle and La Torre.

Unfortunately I now also have to report that within the UGolf group of courses Saurines has been forced to close until further notice and while Mar Menor is open 7 days per week, Hacienda Del Alamo is now closed on Sunday’s and Monday’s.

We will keep you updated of any changes in future articles but there will no short term change in these circumstances until a vaccine is rolled out and airbridges between countries are re-established.